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Nova Launcher Prime Apk 2017

If you feel awkward when you look at the icons of your phone, I mean it feels sick when we look at the same icon which we had been watching for the extended period. If you want to try out something which can change the full look of your phone. You can imagine the new set up on your phone which can change the entire face of your phone. In the recent times you all heard about the Nova Launcher Prime Apk 2017, this app has earned this much of popularity because of its uniqueness. The app which does the full makeover of your phone is one and only Nova Launcher Prime Apk 2017.

The Nova Launcher is one of the best Launcher, which is available for the Android as the free and premium app. The premium version of the app costs $4.99, but from here you will get the Nova Launcher Prime Apk 2017 for free. The Nova Launcher free version comes with the limited features and the specification with this Nova Launcher Prime Apk you will able to unlock all the premium features of the Launcher.


As we mentioned the Nova Launcher is also available for the free on Google Play Store, but with the limited features. If you want to enjoy the premium feature of the app for free.

Then follow the Nova Launcher Prime Apk Free download 2017 steps below.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk 2017 Download for Android:

It is one of the best Launcher for the Android devices which actually lock the material design throughout. It does not only customize the mobile but also upgrade its performance. You get the change to change the icons, boring customize and animation and more things on your phone. It is an innovative and the interesting app which has earned its popularity in such minimum time. The people want something new every time and the icons and the layouts are available on our mobile phones and make us realize which few things can’t be changed, but now it can. Let’s find out some more features of this app and discover about this app more.

About the Nova Launcher Prime Apk 2017 :

The technology has made the boring word used less by us because they have provided the various recreational options and we cannot be less thankful for the Android device for it. Since the Android device has become the most wanted device, then we can say that it has become the fifth need of the human survival. So to make your Android device more beneficial, we have already discussed the various apps for your daily use.

The Nova Launcher Prime Apk 2017 is one of the best launchers for the Android devices. This substitution is the best proposal on the off chance that you are exhausted with the inbuilt launcher and taking a gander at the components of the Nova Launcher prime, at that point we are currently very beyond any doubt why it has gotten the most noteworthy rating and pick up such a great amount of prevalence among all the Android clients.

Supported Android Versions:

  • Gingerbread
  • Ice Cream Sandwich
  • KitKat
  • Nougat
  • Honeycomb
  • Jelly Bean
  • Lollipop
  • Android Marshmallow

Apk Details :

  • File : Nova Launcher Apk
  • Android Version : Varies with the device
  • Size : 7.75 MB
  • Version : 5.3
  • Rating : 4.6

Features offered by the Nova Launcher Prime Apk 2017:

  1. Icon Theme : In the Nova Launcher Prime Apk you can find out the 5,000 themes of the icon which is not offered by any other app. The theme icons are great and they differ from each other a lot, so you don’t find the repetitive theme again.
  2. Color Control : The lovers of the color may find this feature very interesting for them as this app offers you to change the colors of the labels, background, badges, unread documents and the more things available on your Android device.
  3. Improves widgets and drawer : The widgets are grouped by the app which makes it much easier and faster to use.
  4. Subgrid positioning : It is the launcher which provides greater control than the standard launchers. You have the full access to catch the icons or widgets half way through the desktop network cells. I think it is a nice feature which this app offers.
  5. Customize the app drawers : The innovation lover may find it innovative thing useful for them as this app offers you to customize the tops and it also supports horizontal and vertical scrolling. This feature will help you to run the mobile in your style as the style which you want the see the apps scrolling.Nova-Launcher-Prime-Apk
  6. Infinite Scroll : If you love to use any app or the page all the time, then you don’t have to think twice to get back to the page again and this app will give you the full access to it also you can also jump through the desktop or drawer continually.
  7. Scrollable Docks : You can also make as many as docs you want and then you can scroll them in between.
  8. Import Layouts : If you feel the depressing by seeing the desktop of your phone, then don’t feel it anymore because the Nova Launcher Prime Apk 2017 can import from the most popular launchers. It will include the one which came with your phone.
  9. Back up/ restoring : Once you got this app, then you can find the sophisticated backups and apart from that, you can also get the access to make the launcher setting restoring and backups.
  10. Widgets into Docs : It simply implies that you have the option to place the widget into docs such as a 4*1 music player widget.
  11. Fast working : This app is designed in the way which optimizes your phone and customizes it in the way which makes your phone work as smoothly as the butter. It will keep all the feature awake, it eases you to use your phone on the way which you want. You cannot find any trouble while using it.


I feel it was the full discussion of the app. The Nova Launcher Apk 2017 is the free service, so we will download it, but the Nova Launcher Prime Apk 2017 will be the paid service of the same launcher, but this paid service offers you more and more features.


Zarchiver Pro Apk Free Download

The Zarchiver Pro Apk  is awesome app that is available for free download and for the archive management with the dozens of incredible features. The Zarchiver is the useful software which comes with the straightforward and quite functional user interface. There are the lots of people all over the world who love this light and dark theme software. The Zarchiver Pro Apk is the unique archive management tool which edits the files in the archive. The Zarchiver Pro Apk will create the different types of archive file such as zip, gzip, 7zip, gzip, bzip2, XZ and tar. It will allow you to preview the image in the archive. The Zarchiver Pro Apk serial key will break down the file documents into the different configurations like 7z, compress, rar5, 7zip, RAR, gzip, XZ and bzip2. It will contribute to making the change of the files in the archive in less time.

The Zarchiver Pro Apk can create and decompress the password protected archives. The Zarchiver Pro Apk software has the utility to can create and decompress the multi-part archives. The Zarchiver Pro Apk can quickly extract the split archive, including 7z, rar, and zip. With the help of software, you can also add the national symbols in file names. The Zarchiver Pro Apk is the user-friendly software which can be used in any Android device. It will allow you to add, remove and edit the files from the archive. The latest version of the Zarchiver Pro Apk activation enables you to create and decompress multi-part. The Zarchiver Pro Apk is perfect for the multitasking jobs and it is perfect for the beginner users.


The Zarchiver is an application designed for all the Android devices which allow you to manage the compressed files on your Smartphone. The Zarchiver is one of the best apps an android platform by which you can work with if you are working with the compressed documents, images or any sort of compressed data on your Android device. It will help to open the compressed files which you download on your phone or compress any data file to make it smaller in size and easy to transfer all the devices. The Zarchiver allows you to all of it and completes the job of compressing or decompressing any file within the seconds.

Features of Zarchiver Pro Apk:

  • Edit the content of the file.
  • It supports multi threaded operations.
  • Extract password protected archive.
  • Create and decompose archive files.
  • Copy, delete and rename files and folders.
  • Create and unpack the archive.
  • View file from the archive.
  • Support Russian name of files.
  • It is useful for multicore processors.

Zarchiver Pro Apk For Free :

You can save from switching your folders to your computer to make them zipped by the Zarchiver. The popular 7z and ZIP format are supported by this app. The Zarchiver gives the need to the size or speed, by giving the six diverse pressure styles of the season by choosing your arrangement. You can protect your archive by using the password with the help of Zarchiver app.

It will support the encryption options like “Data and filenames” and “Data”. The Zarchiver is packed with the option of copy, share, cut and delete. The content of the 7z, RAR, GZIP, ISO, ZIP, BZIP2, XZ, TAR, CAB, LZMA, Z, RPM, ISO, ARJ, TGZ, MTZ, RPM, and ZIPX can be read from it. The archives of the XZ, 7Z, BZIP2, TAR, and GZIP can be created by it. It also possesses the compressive built-in file manager. It also supports the complete editing of archives.

How Zarchiver Pro App Works ?

For compressing and extracting files from the app of Zarchiver Pro on Android, then you have to follow the procedure.

  1. According to it, the Zarchiver application is required to be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Sire on your Android device.
  2. The link is also available online to download this app if you not able to download it from the Google Play Store.
  3. Then you need to open the Zarchiver app on your device.
  4. Once you open the application, then on the bottom right side of the screen of this app, you have to tap on the “Green Plus (+)” icon.
  5. After that, the name of the archive is required to be typed and then you have to choose the compression level. For securing the archive level, then you can set the password on it.
  6. Now you have to tap on the OK button.
  7. By tapping the files or folders which are meant to archive you can choose them.
  8. On the bottom right side of the screen, you have to tap on the “Right icon”. You have to wait for the process is not complete.
  9. Once the process is complete, then you have to extract the compressed files by using Android.
  10. First of all, the compressed file for the extraction is required to be tapped and held. From the appeared popup the “Open as Archive” option is allowed to choose.

Zarchiver Pro Apk supported Features and Formats :

The Zarchiver underpins the defective file decompression which is thought to be its extraordinary and fascinating components. If you want some selected content from the archive, then the production of the results is carried out with the Zarchiver to decompress only required files. By the help this, you can your time and make the storage to be free.

The archives can manage by moving and remaining on your Android device by Zarchiver pro apk. To manage your archives, it will provide a complete solution. The Zarchiver is the advanced application with so many features. The Zarchiver is one of the best application for saving the time and allowing the space for free.

The Zarchives pro apk is mostly preferred by its users to handle a large amount of data. The Zarchiver app is best to approach today’s generation to the excel in the field of information technology. You should not disrespect its advantageous usage in our day to day life.

APK Editor Pro Free Download

APK Editor Pro is one of the best Android application editing tools which you can install on your Android device. You can use this application to edit any apps source file and modify and also save it. You can use this awesome APK editor to change the file of origin of the game and also hack the value of resources. It is an example, so you can do a lot more with the app.

The APK Editor Pro is one of the powerful and best tools which can edit or hack the APK files of an application for fun. You can also modify the APK file of an app to increase the resource value of a game to increase your score in a game.

The latest version of the APK Editor Pro is now available to download it free from the official website. The latest version of the APK Editor Pro has been launched with the minor fixes and the project issue which people faced in the app.

Update: The Latest version of the APK Editor Pro is now available to download from the official website. Follow the installation guide to prevent any issue. With the latest of this app, you can also modify any Android game as well as apps. The app now also works on the server based like Candy Crush and more. To know the better use of the app head to how to use the app section and you will also come to know more about it. If you are running the Android version 5.0 or more, then you don’t need to have the access to edit the apps on the device by using the APK Editor Pro.

There are many things which you can do with the APK Editor Pro instead of just editing and being victorious on the games. It is like to have the application in APK file and if you want you can add the new feature in the app, modify the app for the personal purpose, and remove the feature and more.


Features of APK Editor Pro :

When you have the original file of an application, then you can do a lot of thing with it. Beneath in this article, I have specified a portion of the elements of APK Editor Pro application which causes you to alter the record.

  • Select any APK file to edit with the app.
  • The APK Editor Pro has the Autorun manager feature.
  • Built-in hack app data option.
  • You can also select the APK file from the app directly.
  • It also has the APK permission remover feature.
  • It modifies any file of the app directly from the APK Editor Pro.

There is some popular feature of this app, but the last nothing matter except what you can do with this app.

How to Download the APK Editor Pro For Free ?

You can download the APK Editor Pro from the official website. To start downloading this app all you need to do is click on the downloading app automatically. Download the latest version of this app.

Once you successfully download the file, then worry about how to install the APK file of APK Editor Pro and use it on your Android device, then follow the guide are given below.

How to Install the APK Editor Pro ?

The installation process of the APK Editor Pro is same as all the other APK files. You can easily install it on your Android device by unlocking the Unknown Source option. If you don’t know how to do it or not have an idea about installing the APK file on your device, then follow the steps are mentioned below:

  • First, enable the unknown sources from the setting of your phone. For doing this go to the setting of your phone, now find the security option and click on it. Now find the Unknown Sources option and enable the option. Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources.
  • Once you enable the Unknown Sources, then go to the downloaded folder of APK Editor Pro and click on the file name.
  • It will show you the installation page with the install and cancel button.
  • Click on the install button and it will start installing the application on your device automatically.

How to use the APK Editor Pro ?

Once you install the APK Editor Pro on your device, then you will able to use it just like the standard application. Open the application and give the permission if you are using Android of 6.0 or more. Once you give the permission, then you will see the option like, select an APK file, select an APK from the app, choose the option which will suit you.

You can also edit the APK file of an app by according to the category. The APK Editor Pro also has the direct APK editing feature according to your need. If you want to change the resource value or anything of the games you can choose the Hack app data option or you want to manage the Autorun of the device, and then click on the Autorun manager.

I have already mentioned the features and the things which you can do with the app. Open the app and explore the features by yourself and it explores the features by yourself and it is not too complicated.


There is no doubt that the APK Editor Pro is an amazing Android tool which you can install on your device. The app gives you the freedom to edit any APK file on the data from an app directly and you can download the tool free from the official website.

Thanks for downloading the app, if still, you have any query, then comment on the comment box which is available at the end of the page.

Kodi App For iPhone

The Kodi app is formerly known as XBMC and it is one of the most functional media players are available on the market. With it, you can play essentially any internet and media file in the large variety of formats and it can be used practically every single operating system out there, including iOS 10. The Kodi is an open source software which was originally designed to connect to your TV, so you can control your media from up to the ten feet away and the core functionality still will shine today. All these things are made Kodi so popular today and why it is almost a requirement on any device you own.

The Music, TV shows, pictures, movies, and there is almost nothing Kodi can’t handle. It also comes with the wide range of the add-ons and theming functionality, which means you can customize it to your liking and watch the many different movies and TV shows for free. Some bad Apples have given the Kodi a bad association with the privacy, but there is the ton of authorized content which you can stream it on the platform.


If this sounds like something which you need right now, then let’s take a look at how you can install the Kodi on your iOS device. We will use the Cydia Impactor which is developed by the Jay Freeman, the same person who develops the Cydia. While the program is called Cydia Impactor, then you don’t need to be the jailbreak to use it and it won’t jailbreak your device or harm your device in any way. There is another way to install Kodi by using the Xcode, but it is much more difficult and it is only for MAC OS.

The Kodi is used to be called XBMC which will confuse you. The Kodi is the most popular piece of media player software and it is often used to play the internet video on the big screen TV. One of the biggest draws is the variable number of the old one available, offer the extended functionality like the ability to watch live TV or movies.

Check the guide to fix olpair stream authorization error.

Features of Kodi for iPhone :

The Kodi app for iPhone is originated from the XBMC which stands as the Xbox center. The developers of the app got the new name with so many new features to highlight the app in the app market. We will discuss some of these features which reflect the roles of the Kodi for the iPhone in this part of this article.

Here is the list of features of the Kodi for iPhone devices:

  • The Kodi app is the multimedia player which supports the many formats for the videos and music files on your iOS device.
  • The Kodi for the iOS gadgets gives the simplicity of downloading any substance which the watcher needs. The downloads can be overseen by the application’s interface. The user can easily change the default location to his or her desired location.
  • The Kodi for iPhone download is easy, fast, and completely legal to perform by all the Apple device users.
  • In the Kodi app, there is an inbuilt TV library which allows users to manage their TV or movie program schedules.
  • The Music format which Kodi is supporting it include Wma, mp3, Wav, etc. and the video format includes 3gp, Avi, mp4, Vob, Mkv, etc.
  • The Kodi app will orient itself to the device and manage the media files according to the user’s command.
  • The Kodi app for iPhone download is fast, easy and completely legal to perform by all the Apple device users.
  • The latest and the upcoming updates relating to the user’s favorite will be displayed on the Kodi app for iPhone .
  • The Kodi will allow their users to watch the videos or listen to the music online without downloading the file. It will save the time and data of the user.

The previously mentioned highlights are the key elements of the Kodi for iPhone download. Now you have understood the capabilities of the app with your iPhone device and the other iOS device. We will not keep you guys waiting and we will quickly move to download and installation procedure.

How to install the Kodi by using the Cydia Impactor :

One of the simplest ways to install the Kodi on your iPhone without jailbreaking is to use the Cydia Impactor, a popular app available for the Mac OS and Windows which allows iOS users to install the non-App Store apps on their iOS device. Before we are going to tell you how to install the Kodi by using the Cydia Impactor, then you will need to download the Cydia Impactor and the most recent Kodi.IPA file.

  • Connect your iPhone to your PC. If the iTunes open automatically when you plug in your iOS device, then make sure you close it before you go more.
  • Open the Cydia Impactor and drag and drop the Kodi file which you downloaded earlier onto the app.
  • Make sure that your iOS device is selected in the drop-down menu and click start.
  • The Cydia Impactor will ask for the Apple login ID. It is verified with the Apple and it is only used to sign the IPA file, but you can use the alternative Apple ID if privacy is your concern.
  • Once the app has been installed, then go to the Settings -> General -> Profiles and Device management, then find the profile with your Apple ID and open it.
  • In the new Kodi app, click on the trust button “trust”.
  • Open the app and enjoy the many benefits available to users if Kodi.

For the whatever reason, you can able to follow the above instruction, then carry on reading to find out how to install Kodi on your iPhone by using Xcode, the free app available for the Mac OS users.

Check https

Market Unlocker Apk

The Market Unlocker Apk is an app which allows its user to unlock those apps and the games which are not easily available to download. There are many apps in the Google Play Store which can be downloaded in the specific countries, for example, Google Music app can be downloaded in the US only. The Market Unlocker Pro Apk is also useful for those users who want to use the Amazon app market outside the US.

The Market Unlocker Apk is the Android app and it had the great impact on the lives of people, because it offers more to the public, especially when it comes to the technological world. As the name shows, this app makes it easy for the users to unlock the access for the Android users which are not available in one’s country residence. In the addition, it helps to enable the user to access the restricted Android app in the market of Android.

The Market Unlocker apk is a great deal for the many people because it is free and it can be downloaded at no cost. The app can be used in insert the ads for free. The app is easy to use and balanced as well. Based on the restriction it has been appointing in different countries to access the high-quality software and this app comes in convenient.  It also allows the users to unlock the access to those Android which has been restricted. In the addition to the above advantage, the app has more to offer to the public which based on the feature it acquires.Market Unlocker Apk will give the users to root permission to access the paid apps which are not yet available in the different nations. In the addition, this app comes with an installed Android market and it provider can be changed very fast.


The provider can be changed automatically on the turn to the flight mode or boot. If the one wants to get back to the default market, then he or she will require rebooting or rest the flight mode. On the other side, the provider can be changed back to the original by the “Auto Unlock” in the order to fake the provider. The Android app market Unlocker Apk does not require the phone access permission or the additional network.

Features of Market Unlocker Apk

The Market Unlocker apk is very popular among the Android users and there is no doubt it has got some reason for being so. Here is the feature of this unique app:

  • It gives the access to the entire paid and limited app on the Google Play Store and the
  • It is safe to use.
  • Give you the access to the app which is not available in your country.
  • It can change the supplier in one click.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It can change the supplier in one click.
  • Assure the every bit of security.
  • It can gain the access to different market via proxy.

How Market Unlocker Apk operates :

Under the command, some games and the apps are made the country specific by Google and it makes difficult to download them. The solution is to just download the Market Unlocker apk for free in order to access the restricted apps and the games. The Google is not the only provider which can demand the restriction on certain apps and games, but the developers of these apps can as well. The Market Unlocker make the possible as it beat all the restriction enforced by the Google and the different developers. The Market Unlocker apk can be downloaded for the free and installed on the Android phone. Once it has been installed, then the apps and games can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Amazon Market.

How the Market Unlocker Apk works :

The Market Unlocker is the free app for the Android users which shows the fake location of the users and it passes all the restriction demand in downloading the banned contents. It also requires the users to set up the proxy setting which I will explain in the post on. It works in the same way as any other proxy works and by showing an allowed the user location is given the access to all the apps.

How to Configure the Market Unlocker Apk for the Amazon App Store :

  • Install the Amazon app on your device.
  • Open the Market Unlocker Apk.
  • Set up the proxy setting for the location in the US by the following steps:
    • Open the Market Unlocker and click on the proxy tab.
    • Click on the fetch USA proxy button to automatically configure the proxy type, host, and port. This feature is not available in the regular app. It is available in the pro version only.
    • Next Step is to click on the “Involve Amazon Appstore”
    • Now click on the “Enable Proxy” to turn it on.
  • Now open the Amazon App Store and enjoy the apps by Amazon

How to configure the Market Unlocker Apk For Playstore :

  • Firstly, install the Google Play Store App.
  • Open the Market Unlocker Pro Apk.
  • Setup the proxy setting by click on the proxy tab than select the Fetch USA Proxy.
  • Turn on the Enable Proxy by clicking it.
  • Open the Google Play Store.

Market Unlocker App Review :

The Market Unlocker App is the useful and handy app which allows you to gain the access to all paid and the limited application present in the Google Play Store and Appstore in just one click.

The Market Unlocker Apk is straight which means it is easy to use and it does not have any boring processes. It works fine and it is safe to use this app. The Market Unlocker Apk assures the every bit of security which you need over the dangerous Trojans, Adware or malware etc. There is some app which is not available in some countries and it becomes hard to get those apps, this app comes very handily there.

How To Download & Use Smart phone flasher Tool

The flash tool is essential for those people who work with the Smartphone’s and especially in the Android Smartphone. The Smart Phone flasher tools help you to install customized firmware on the Android device. It works especially on the MediaTek or MTK based Android devices for the flashing.

If you ask what the purpose of the tool is or do have any alternative option for the Smart Phone flasher tool, then the answer is straightforward and very easy. The first answer to the question is that the Smart phone flasher tool works for an upgrade, downgrade or flash the custom ROM for the Android devices. In the detail, you can deal with the flash, hard reset, unbrick, etc. with the MediaTek or MTK flash tool and you can run the memory diagnostic with the Smartphone flash tool.

In the second question, the flash tool support in the MediaTek Chipest phones. The most of the China based branded mobile phones are made with the MediaTek. It is the best available tool for the MTK based Android devices.


The Smart phone flasher tool is the window application which helps you to install the CWM recovery, TWRP recovery, the custom ROM firmware and the stock ROM firmware in your Smartphone. It is the most used tool in the Android rooting community. The flash tool was created by the MediaTek Inc. So all the credits go to them. Since the tool is available for free, we are sharing it here.

Features of Smart phone flasher tool:

  1. Flash System and Custom Recover : By using the SP flash, you can flash system or custom recovery in your MTK based Smartphone and tablet. The procedure is involved the flashing recovery is quite simple as well.
  2. Set Parameter : The major advantage of using flash tool is the ability to set the parameter for reading and write functions in your device. There are the other tools offer this functionality and this tool is undoubtedly the most used one by the Android users.
  3. Test Device Memory : The Smartphone flasher tool allows you to check the Random Access Memory in your device. The test device memory also helps in verifying the NAND flash in your Android Smartphone.
  4. Flash Custom and Stock ROM Firmware : If you are using the MTK based Android device, then you can use the flash tool to install custom or stock ROM firmware. If the flash stock ROM firmware on the bricked Android device and you can get it back working as well.
  5. Format Android Device : If you are using the Smartphone with the chipset MediaTek, then you can also use the Smart phone flasher tool to format or hard reset of your device.
  6. Easy Flash : By using the phone flash tool, then you can easily flash stock ROM, recovery images or custom ROM. Just open the tool on your PC, load the scatter file and click on download to start the flashing process.

How Smart Phone Flasher Tool Works?

  • Flash Stock ROM : The flash tool also allows you to Android stock ROMs which have the distributed based. It allows the smooth Custom ROM on the Android mobile phones as well. Not only the Stock and the Custom ROM, the flash tool also allows you to downgrade or upgrade the present running firmware.
  • Flash Recovery : The flash tool can recover any flash of your phone. Such as the stock ROM or the supported Custom ROM, etc. but at the beginning of the process, you have to load the distributed file first.
  • Parameter setting : The tool allows the parameter settings too. A user can read and write settings on the Android Smartphone device.
  • Memory test : The other usual feature of the flash tool is the memory test. A user can examine or check the external memory device NAND and RAM flash even verifies them.
  • Format the Memory : You can format your phone memory by using the updated flash tool. Sometimes for the virus or the malware attack your phone creates the many unwanted problems. It can easily and complicated solve by the format phone memory.
  • Format the Smartphone : The Flash tool feature allows you to format any Android device which we run the Chipset of MediaTek. For doing this, you need to load also the scatter file first. After that connect your Smartphone to the computer. After that, press the format button.

Smart phone Flasher Tool Review :

The process of flashing of your cell phone is required for the people who wish to upgrade their device firmware or to install the custom ROMs which can easily update or change the functionality of your Smartphone.

With the Smart phone flash tool, the people with the technical knowledge are given the option of flashing the new system software to the device. By using the Smartphone flasher tool is not difficult by users should be aware which modify the cell phone software can brick or otherwise disable the device.

The free utility runs on the almost all version of windows and works with the Android devices. The program is basically the medium which provides the step-by-step guide and tool for flashing your phone. It is optimized for the phones with a MediaTek chipset.

Points to Remember:

  • The flash tool or the Smartphone flasher tool is the tool which is created by the MediaTek Inc.
  • Before using the flash tool for the flashing stock ROM or custom ROM, make sure which you have taken the complete backup of personal data in your Smartphone as the flashing via flash tool will clear Smartphone data.
  • If you use the Smartphone flasher tool to install the custom ROM firmware or root your device, then your device certificate will get avoid.


I hope after reading this article you will understand about the Smartphone flasher. If still, you have any query, then comment on the comment box which is available at the end of the page.