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By | August 23, 2017

APK Editor Pro is one of the best Android application editing tools which you can install on your Android device. You can use this application to edit any apps source file and modify and also save it. You can use this awesome APK editor to change the file of origin of the game and also hack the value of resources. It is an example, so you can do a lot more with the app.

The APK Editor Pro is one of the powerful and best tools which can edit or hack the APK files of an application for fun. You can also modify the APK file of an app to increase the resource value of a game to increase your score in a game.

The latest version of the APK Editor Pro is now available to download it free from the official website. The latest version of the APK Editor Pro has been launched with the minor fixes and the project issue which people faced in the app.

Update: The Latest version of the APK Editor Pro is now available to download from the official website. Follow the installation guide to prevent any issue. With the latest of this app, you can also modify any Android game as well as apps. The app now also works on the server based like Candy Crush and more. To know the better use of the app head to how to use the app section and you will also come to know more about it. If you are running the Android version 5.0 or more, then you don’t need to have the access to edit the apps on the device by using the APK Editor Pro.

There are many things which you can do with the APK Editor Pro instead of just editing and being victorious on the games. It is like to have the application in APK file and if you want you can add the new feature in the app, modify the app for the personal purpose, and remove the feature and more.


Features of APK Editor Pro :

When you have the original file of an application, then you can do a lot of thing with it. Beneath in this article, I have specified a portion of the elements of APK Editor Pro application which causes you to alter the record.

  • Select any APK file to edit with the app.
  • The APK Editor Pro has the Autorun manager feature.
  • Built-in hack app data option.
  • You can also select the APK file from the app directly.
  • It also has the APK permission remover feature.
  • It modifies any file of the app directly from the APK Editor Pro.

There is some popular feature of this app, but the last nothing matter except what you can do with this app.

How to Download the APK Editor Pro For Free ?

You can download the APK Editor Pro from the official website. To start downloading this app all you need to do is click on the downloading app automatically. Download the latest version of this app.

Once you successfully download the file, then worry about how to install the APK file of APK Editor Pro and use it on your Android device, then follow the guide are given below.

How to Install the APK Editor Pro ?

The installation process of the APK Editor Pro is same as all the other APK files. You can easily install it on your Android device by unlocking the Unknown Source option. If you don’t know how to do it or not have an idea about installing the APK file on your device, then follow the steps are mentioned below:

  • First, enable the unknown sources from the setting of your phone. For doing this go to the setting of your phone, now find the security option and click on it. Now find the Unknown Sources option and enable the option. Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources.
  • Once you enable the Unknown Sources, then go to the downloaded folder of APK Editor Pro and click on the file name.
  • It will show you the installation page with the install and cancel button.
  • Click on the install button and it will start installing the application on your device automatically.

How to use the APK Editor Pro ?

Once you install the APK Editor Pro on your device, then you will able to use it just like the standard application. Open the application and give the permission if you are using Android of 6.0 or more. Once you give the permission, then you will see the option like, select an APK file, select an APK from the app, choose the option which will suit you.

You can also edit the APK file of an app by according to the category. The APK Editor Pro also has the direct APK editing feature according to your need. If you want to change the resource value or anything of the games you can choose the Hack app data option or you want to manage the Autorun of the device, and then click on the Autorun manager.

I have already mentioned the features and the things which you can do with the app. Open the app and explore the features by yourself and it explores the features by yourself and it is not too complicated.


There is no doubt that the APK Editor Pro is an amazing Android tool which you can install on your device. The app gives you the freedom to edit any APK file on the data from an app directly and you can download the tool free from the official website.

Thanks for downloading the app, if still, you have any query, then comment on the comment box which is available at the end of the page.

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