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By | August 18, 2017

The Kodi app is formerly known as XBMC and it is one of the most functional media players are available on the market. With it, you can play essentially any internet and media file in the large variety of formats and it can be used practically every single operating system out there, including iOS 10. The Kodi is an open source software which was originally designed to connect to your TV, so you can control your media from up to the ten feet away and the core functionality still will shine today. All these things are made Kodi so popular today and why it is almost a requirement on any device you own.

The Music, TV shows, pictures, movies, and there is almost nothing Kodi can’t handle. It also comes with the wide range of the add-ons and theming functionality, which means you can customize it to your liking and watch the many different movies and TV shows for free. Some bad Apples have given the Kodi a bad association with the privacy, but there is the ton of authorized content which you can stream it on the platform.


If this sounds like something which you need right now, then let’s take a look at how you can install the Kodi on your iOS device. We will use the Cydia Impactor which is developed by the Jay Freeman, the same person who develops the Cydia. While the program is called Cydia Impactor, then you don’t need to be the jailbreak to use it and it won’t jailbreak your device or harm your device in any way. There is another way to install Kodi by using the Xcode, but it is much more difficult and it is only for MAC OS.

The Kodi is used to be called XBMC which will confuse you. The Kodi is the most popular piece of media player software and it is often used to play the internet video on the big screen TV. One of the biggest draws is the variable number of the old one available, offer the extended functionality like the ability to watch live TV or movies.

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Features of Kodi for iPhone :

The Kodi app for iPhone is originated from the XBMC which stands as the Xbox center. The developers of the app got the new name with so many new features to highlight the app in the app market. We will discuss some of these features which reflect the roles of the Kodi for the iPhone in this part of this article.

Here is the list of features of the Kodi for iPhone devices:

  • The Kodi app is the multimedia player which supports the many formats for the videos and music files on your iOS device.
  • The Kodi for the iOS gadgets gives the simplicity of downloading any substance which the watcher needs. The downloads can be overseen by the application’s interface. The user can easily change the default location to his or her desired location.
  • The Kodi for iPhone download is easy, fast, and completely legal to perform by all the Apple device users.
  • In the Kodi app, there is an inbuilt TV library which allows users to manage their TV or movie program schedules.
  • The Music format which Kodi is supporting it include Wma, mp3, Wav, etc. and the video format includes 3gp, Avi, mp4, Vob, Mkv, etc.
  • The Kodi app will orient itself to the device and manage the media files according to the user’s command.
  • The Kodi app for iPhone download is fast, easy and completely legal to perform by all the Apple device users.
  • The latest and the upcoming updates relating to the user’s favorite will be displayed on the Kodi app for iPhone .
  • The Kodi will allow their users to watch the videos or listen to the music online without downloading the file. It will save the time and data of the user.

The previously mentioned highlights are the key elements of the Kodi for iPhone download. Now you have understood the capabilities of the app with your iPhone device and the other iOS device. We will not keep you guys waiting and we will quickly move to download and installation procedure.

How to install the Kodi by using the Cydia Impactor :

One of the simplest ways to install the Kodi on your iPhone without jailbreaking is to use the Cydia Impactor, a popular app available for the Mac OS and Windows which allows iOS users to install the non-App Store apps on their iOS device. Before we are going to tell you how to install the Kodi by using the Cydia Impactor, then you will need to download the Cydia Impactor and the most recent Kodi.IPA file.

  • Connect your iPhone to your PC. If the iTunes open automatically when you plug in your iOS device, then make sure you close it before you go more.
  • Open the Cydia Impactor and drag and drop the Kodi file which you downloaded earlier onto the app.
  • Make sure that your iOS device is selected in the drop-down menu and click start.
  • The Cydia Impactor will ask for the Apple login ID. It is verified with the Apple and it is only used to sign the IPA file, but you can use the alternative Apple ID if privacy is your concern.
  • Once the app has been installed, then go to the Settings -> General -> Profiles and Device management, then find the profile with your Apple ID and open it.
  • In the new Kodi app, click on the trust button “trust”.
  • Open the app and enjoy the many benefits available to users if Kodi.

For the whatever reason, you can able to follow the above instruction, then carry on reading to find out how to install Kodi on your iPhone by using Xcode, the free app available for the Mac OS users.

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