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By | August 15, 2017

The Market Unlocker Apk is an app which allows its user to unlock those apps and the games which are not easily available to download. There are many apps in the Google Play Store which can be downloaded in the specific countries, for example, Google Music app can be downloaded in the US only. The Market Unlocker Pro Apk is also useful for those users who want to use the Amazon app market outside the US.

The Market Unlocker Apk is the Android app and it had the great impact on the lives of people, because it offers more to the public, especially when it comes to the technological world. As the name shows, this app makes it easy for the users to unlock the access for the Android users which are not available in one’s country residence. In the addition, it helps to enable the user to access the restricted Android app in the market of Android.

The Market Unlocker apk is a great deal for the many people because it is free and it can be downloaded at no cost. The app can be used in insert the ads for free. The app is easy to use and balanced as well. Based on the restriction it has been appointing in different countries to access the high-quality software and this app comes in convenient.  It also allows the users to unlock the access to those Android which has been restricted. In the addition to the above advantage, the app has more to offer to the public which based on the feature it acquires.Market Unlocker Apk will give the users to root permission to access the paid apps which are not yet available in the different nations. In the addition, this app comes with an installed Android market and it provider can be changed very fast.


The provider can be changed automatically on the turn to the flight mode or boot. If the one wants to get back to the default market, then he or she will require rebooting or rest the flight mode. On the other side, the provider can be changed back to the original by the “Auto Unlock” in the order to fake the provider. The Android app market Unlocker Apk does not require the phone access permission or the additional network.

Features of Market Unlocker Apk

The Market Unlocker apk is very popular among the Android users and there is no doubt it has got some reason for being so. Here is the feature of this unique app:

  • It gives the access to the entire paid and limited app on the Google Play Store and the
  • It is safe to use.
  • Give you the access to the app which is not available in your country.
  • It can change the supplier in one click.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It can change the supplier in one click.
  • Assure the every bit of security.
  • It can gain the access to different market via proxy.

How Market Unlocker Apk operates :

Under the command, some games and the apps are made the country specific by Google and it makes difficult to download them. The solution is to just download the Market Unlocker apk for free in order to access the restricted apps and the games. The Google is not the only provider which can demand the restriction on certain apps and games, but the developers of these apps can as well. The Market Unlocker make the possible as it beat all the restriction enforced by the Google and the different developers. The Market Unlocker apk can be downloaded for the free and installed on the Android phone. Once it has been installed, then the apps and games can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Amazon Market.

How the Market Unlocker Apk works :

The Market Unlocker is the free app for the Android users which shows the fake location of the users and it passes all the restriction demand in downloading the banned contents. It also requires the users to set up the proxy setting which I will explain in the post on. It works in the same way as any other proxy works and by showing an allowed the user location is given the access to all the apps.

How to Configure the Market Unlocker Apk for the Amazon App Store :

  • Install the Amazon app on your device.
  • Open the Market Unlocker Apk.
  • Set up the proxy setting for the location in the US by the following steps:
    • Open the Market Unlocker and click on the proxy tab.
    • Click on the fetch USA proxy button to automatically configure the proxy type, host, and port. This feature is not available in the regular app. It is available in the pro version only.
    • Next Step is to click on the “Involve Amazon Appstore”
    • Now click on the “Enable Proxy” to turn it on.
  • Now open the Amazon App Store and enjoy the apps by Amazon

How to configure the Market Unlocker Apk For Playstore :

  • Firstly, install the Google Play Store App.
  • Open the Market Unlocker Pro Apk.
  • Setup the proxy setting by click on the proxy tab than select the Fetch USA Proxy.
  • Turn on the Enable Proxy by clicking it.
  • Open the Google Play Store.

Market Unlocker App Review :

The Market Unlocker App is the useful and handy app which allows you to gain the access to all paid and the limited application present in the Google Play Store and Appstore in just one click.

The Market Unlocker Apk is straight which means it is easy to use and it does not have any boring processes. It works fine and it is safe to use this app. The Market Unlocker Apk assures the every bit of security which you need over the dangerous Trojans, Adware or malware etc. There is some app which is not available in some countries and it becomes hard to get those apps, this app comes very handily there.

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