How To Download & Use Smart phone flasher Tool

By | August 9, 2017

The flash tool is essential for those people who work with the Smartphone’s and especially in the Android Smartphone. The Smart Phone flasher tools help you to install customized firmware on the Android device. It works especially on the MediaTek or MTK based Android devices for the flashing.

If you ask what the purpose of the tool is or do have any alternative option for the Smart Phone flasher tool, then the answer is straightforward and very easy. The first answer to the question is that the Smart phone flasher tool works for an upgrade, downgrade or flash the custom ROM for the Android devices. In the detail, you can deal with the flash, hard reset, unbrick, etc. with the MediaTek or MTK flash tool and you can run the memory diagnostic with the Smartphone flash tool.

In the second question, the flash tool support in the MediaTek Chipest phones. The most of the China based branded mobile phones are made with the MediaTek. It is the best available tool for the MTK based Android devices.


The Smart phone flasher tool is the window application which helps you to install the CWM recovery, TWRP recovery, the custom ROM firmware and the stock ROM firmware in your Smartphone. It is the most used tool in the Android rooting community. The flash tool was created by the MediaTek Inc. So all the credits go to them. Since the tool is available for free, we are sharing it here.

Features of Smart phone flasher tool:

  1. Flash System and Custom Recover : By using the SP flash, you can flash system or custom recovery in your MTK based Smartphone and tablet. The procedure is involved the flashing recovery is quite simple as well.
  2. Set Parameter : The major advantage of using flash tool is the ability to set the parameter for reading and write functions in your device. There are the other tools offer this functionality and this tool is undoubtedly the most used one by the Android users.
  3. Test Device Memory : The Smartphone flasher tool allows you to check the Random Access Memory in your device. The test device memory also helps in verifying the NAND flash in your Android Smartphone.
  4. Flash Custom and Stock ROM Firmware : If you are using the MTK based Android device, then you can use the flash tool to install custom or stock ROM firmware. If the flash stock ROM firmware on the bricked Android device and you can get it back working as well.
  5. Format Android Device : If you are using the Smartphone with the chipset MediaTek, then you can also use the Smart phone flasher tool to format or hard reset of your device.
  6. Easy Flash : By using the phone flash tool, then you can easily flash stock ROM, recovery images or custom ROM. Just open the tool on your PC, load the scatter file and click on download to start the flashing process.

How Smart Phone Flasher Tool Works?

  • Flash Stock ROM : The flash tool also allows you to Android stock ROMs which have the distributed based. It allows the smooth Custom ROM on the Android mobile phones as well. Not only the Stock and the Custom ROM, the flash tool also allows you to downgrade or upgrade the present running firmware.
  • Flash Recovery : The flash tool can recover any flash of your phone. Such as the stock ROM or the supported Custom ROM, etc. but at the beginning of the process, you have to load the distributed file first.
  • Parameter setting : The tool allows the parameter settings too. A user can read and write settings on the Android Smartphone device.
  • Memory test : The other usual feature of the flash tool is the memory test. A user can examine or check the external memory device NAND and RAM flash even verifies them.
  • Format the Memory : You can format your phone memory by using the updated flash tool. Sometimes for the virus or the malware attack your phone creates the many unwanted problems. It can easily and complicated solve by the format phone memory.
  • Format the Smartphone : The Flash tool feature allows you to format any Android device which we run the Chipset of MediaTek. For doing this, you need to load also the scatter file first. After that connect your Smartphone to the computer. After that, press the format button.

Smart phone Flasher Tool Review :

The process of flashing of your cell phone is required for the people who wish to upgrade their device firmware or to install the custom ROMs which can easily update or change the functionality of your Smartphone.

With the Smart phone flash tool, the people with the technical knowledge are given the option of flashing the new system software to the device. By using the Smartphone flasher tool is not difficult by users should be aware which modify the cell phone software can brick or otherwise disable the device.

The free utility runs on the almost all version of windows and works with the Android devices. The program is basically the medium which provides the step-by-step guide and tool for flashing your phone. It is optimized for the phones with a MediaTek chipset.

Points to Remember:

  • The flash tool or the Smartphone flasher tool is the tool which is created by the MediaTek Inc.
  • Before using the flash tool for the flashing stock ROM or custom ROM, make sure which you have taken the complete backup of personal data in your Smartphone as the flashing via flash tool will clear Smartphone data.
  • If you use the Smartphone flasher tool to install the custom ROM firmware or root your device, then your device certificate will get avoid.


I hope after reading this article you will understand about the Smartphone flasher. If still, you have any query, then comment on the comment box which is available at the end of the page.

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